Assumptions of all approaches (with highlighted key terms)

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Social Approach:

1) Our behaviour is influenced by the culture and society we are a part of

2) Our behaviour is influenced by the actions, attitudes and presece of people around us

Cognitive Approach:

1) Our mind functions similarly to a computer, in the sense that it inputs, processes and output information. However there are many differences between the two, adding to the limitations. For example, a computer is emotionless which makes it easier to delete data. However we, as humans are driven by our emotions and so they can - many a time - prevent us from deleting information, or in other words, forgetting it. This may lead to mental conditions and other abnormal states.

2) Cognitive psychlologists say that information is processes through the information processing model.  They say it is first input in our minds, then processed (to remember) and then output as a reaction or recall. Thus, it assumes that processing is linear. For example, when crossing a road, first, one would see the cars and the road and input this, then processing this information to see how safe it is to cross, then, when decided that it is safe, they cross the road (the output).

Psychodynamic Approach:

1) Freud said that our minds consist of the Consious, Pre-consious and the Unconsious. And that these are like an iceberg


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