Asch- Aims ans Context




  • Conformity is a form of social influence where people adopt behaviours,attitudes and values from other members of a reference group.
  • Group pressure might play a very important role in most explanations of conformity.
  • Conformity is a very important process to understand as it thought to have a significant impact on many of our behaviours and the decisions we make in situations.

American Society-1955

After WWII the U.S. entered a cold war against the soviet. It was a race to the moon and to get nuclear weapons. The U.S were very conformist as they were afraid of being communist and holding anti-american views.

Jenness (1932)

  • Published his findings from his 'beans in a bottle' where individual students were asked to estimate the number of beans that appeared in a jar.
  • He then asked them in groups to arrive at a group estiamate.
  • When he then asked them to make another individual…


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