AS Law- Negligence


Barnett v Chelsea and Kensington Hospital Management Committee: the victim would have died from arsenic poisoning even if the hospital had not breached its duty.

Haley v London Electricity Board (LEB) : the defendant was negligent because the chances of a blind person walking past the trent were high.

Paris v Stepney Borough Council: a reasonable employer would have done more to protect their employer is they were already blind in one eye.

Mullins v Richards: a 15 year old girl did not breach her duty because she behaved as reasonable 15 year old would.

Bradford v Robinson Rentals: the frostbite was an extreme injury to suffer in a van but was still foreseeable because it was a cold related injury.

Nettleship v Weston: learners are expected to drive at a reasonable competent standard.

McLoughlin v O'brien: woman could sue driver for the shock she suffered after an accident involving her family.

Smith v Littlewoods: defendants were not negligent because the vandalism was the real cause of the damage and broke the


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