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Enzymes & Digestion. 

Enzymes break down large molecules into small ones ready for absorption.

MAJORRRRR PARTS of the Digestive System.

  • the OESOPHAGUS:  "GUS rhymes with BUS."
    Transportation of food from the stomach. Made up of a thick muscular wall. 
  • the STOMACH: 
    a muscular sac that produces enzymes. Digests food, particularly proteins. Mucus is produced to stop the stomach being digested by its own enzymes! Ah!
  • the SMALL INTESTINE: a long muscular tube.
    enzymes are produced by its WALLS. These inner walls are folded into VILLI.   (LARGE surface area) this is then increased further by MICROVILLI on the EPITHELIAL cells of each VILLUS. This ADAPTS the small instine for its purpose of digestion into the blood stream.
  • the LARGE INTESTINE: absorbs water.
    Most of the water comes from


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