AQA Psy A Stress and personality type

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Type A or B?

Which is which?

Type A- Time pressured; competitive at work and social situations; Easily frustrated.

Type B- Patient; relaxed; easy-going.

Note: You may be asked to describe what behaviours you would expect to see given a personality type. Think of applications.


Friedman and Rosenman (1960)

  • 3000 American males.
  • Interviews used to determine personality type.
  • Type A where founnd to be twice as likely to develop coronary heart disease (CHD).


  • Large sample, very likely a representitive sample.
  • Time validity- methods of copng with stress have improved since the 1960
  • Ethnocentric bias- All Americans. Findings may not be generalised to other cultures.
  • Self report techniques- May be social desirablity bias, i.e. particiapants may be lying.
  • Mediating Factors…


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