AQA GCSE English Literature Poetry - When We Two Parted, Lord Byron

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Stanza One:

  • "We two" - Directly addresses former lover, making it very personal
  • "Silence" - They had nothing to say to each other or their relationship was secret
  • "Half-broken hearted" - Accusing lover for only being half in love with him, and only he feels broken hearted now
  • "Sever" - Violent imagery indicates the trauma and pain
  • "Pale" and "Cold" - Describes his lover like a corpse, her feelings for him have died
  • "Cheek", "Colder" and "Kiss" - Repetition of the 'k' sound emphasises the coldness
  • "That hour foretold sorrow to this" - Enjambment emphasises link between past and present as he still feels sorrowful

Stanza Two:

  • "Chill" - Chill reflects the coldness between himself and his lover
  • "Now" - Byron switches to the present tense
  • "Broken" - Links back to broken hearts in the first stanza
  • "Light is thy fame" - Her reputation is damaged as people know of her affairs
  • "I hear thy name spoken" - People talk about her and he finds it painful
  • "Share" and "Shame" - Alliteration of 'sh' links back to silence
  • "Shame" - He feels involved in her shame as he has had an affair with her

Stanza Three:

  • "They name thee before me" People talk about her and he finds it painful
  • "Knell" - Her name sounds like a death bell, reminds him of the death of their relationship
  • "Why wert thou so dear" - Rhetorical question emphasises how much he felt for her and cannot bear that she is having affairs with other men now
  • "Thee", "Thee" and "Thee" - Repeatedly addresses lover, indicating that he is still preoccupied by her
  • "Long, long" - Repetition highlights how long he will…




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