Anschluss with Austria

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  •  Reuniting Austria and Germany (Anschluss) was forbidden by the treaty of Versailles. 
  • Hitler was born within the boundaries of Austria and had said in Mein Kampf he felt Austria belonged with Germany.
  • In 1934 the Austrian Nazis encouraged by Hitler, had tried to seize power after the murder of Austrian Chancellor, Dollfuss.
  • This was prevented by Mussolini.
  • By 1938 things had changed: Mussolini was now allied with Germany and occupied in the Spanish Civil war. So he was unlikely to help Austria.
  • One of Hitlers aims was to unite all German speaking people, and Austria were German speaking.
  • The Nazi party remained strong and there were rumours in 1938 that there was a Nazi plot to overthrow the Austrian Government.
  • Chancellor Schuschnigg appealed to Hitler for help to end plotting.
  • Hitler refused and instead of helping he put pressure on Schuschnigg and forced him to appoint Seyys Inquart as in charge of the police force.
  • This was followed…


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