And the Glory of the Lord (Messiah) by Handel (1685-1759). Composed in 1741. Baroque era.

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Overview of Style of Baroque music

·         Baroque era music uses mainly major and minor scales 

·         Composers use terraced dynamics (quick dynamic changes between volumes)

·         Simple harmonies are used, such as chords I and IV

·         Ornaments like  trills and mordents used  

·         The texture is usually contrapuntal (polyphonic)

·         Baroque era music almost always uses basso continuo

·         Binary and ternary forms are used, but sometimes rondo is used as well

·         Melodic techniques include inversion, retrograde, sequencing and ostinatos

·         Main types of baroque choral music are operas, oratorios and cantanas


Key terms

·         Messiah is an oratorio (Religious Opera)

·         “And the glory


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