Anatomical Movement and Terminology

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Anatomical position.. standing in an upright posture, 

facing straight ahead, feet parallel and 

close, & palms facing forward.

Directional terminology..
Superior or cephalic refers to above.
Inferior or caudal refers to below.
Anterior or ventral refers to in front.
Posterior or dorsal refers to behind.
Medial refers to being closer to the central line of the body.
Lateral refers to being further away from the central line of the body.
Proximal refers to being nearer to a point.
Distal refers to being further away from a point.
Anteroinferior refers to being in front but on a lower level of the body.
Inferomedial refers to being below and in the middle of the body.

Other anatomical terms..
Prone. Lying on your front.
Supine. Lying on your back.
Palmar. Referring to the hands.
Plantar. Referring to the feet.
Palmar and plantar are…


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