An Inspector Calls - Sheila Birling

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  • A ‘pretty girl in her twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited’.
  • Despite the fact that Sheila has never shown any real emotion towards those of a lower social class than her, she is immediately compassionate when the Inspector reveals how Mr Birling treated Eva, ‘but these girls aren’t cheap labour - they’re people’.  She begins to evolve rapidly at the beginning of the play, unlike her stubborn parents who are set in their ways.  She feels guilty and blames herself for Eva’s death, ‘really responsible.  She is horrified to hear of the consequences of her actions.
  • She reveals she already has doubt about Gerald, ‘Last summer, when you never came near me’.  This may suggest that she isn’t as naïve as she seems.  She is very good at understanding emotion is perceptive; she immediately recognises that Gerald knew…


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