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  • Unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  • Made by cracking long chained alkanes.

unsturated - one pair of arbon atoms are joined by a double covalent bond (C=C)

Alkenes from C → C4:

  • C2H4 ethene
  • C3H6 propene

The general formula for an alkene is:

Cn H2n

  • Alkenes are more reactive than Alkanes due to the C=C bond.

Types of reactions that alkene undergo is called addition (with bromide water)

  • Ethene + Bromine water1,2 dibromo ethane
  • Propene + Bromine water1,2 dibromo propane
  • Alkanes do not react with bromine water so this can be used to test for an alkene.

orange / browncolourless

Alkenes will


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