Reactions of Alkanes 1 and 2

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Reactions of alkenes 1

All Alkenes have at least one double bond, this means that all alkenes react in a similar way.

The double bond is called the alkene functional group. The words "functional group" mean the part of the molecule which determines how it reacts. All of the alkenes have the same functional group (carbon to carbon bond). Molecules such as alkenes are called the homologous series. Members of the holomologous series all have the same functional group.

When we combust alkens we produce carbon dioxide and water. Combustiong an alkene also produces unburnt carbon particles. That is because of incomplete combustion.

Reacting an alkane with hydrogen produces an alkane,

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Reactions of alkenes 2

All alkenes react in the same way.

Hydration is when we react an alkene with water, The water must be in the form of steam, the temperature must be aroun 300 C and the pressure around 70 atmospheres. We can use phosphric acid as a catalyst to speed up the reaction. This reaction is reversible.

Alkenes react rapidly with halogens. These also react over the double bond to make it two singular bonds

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