Additional Science GCSE Ideas in Context - Notes and questions to answer

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Ideas in context May 30th PM exam

We were given the articles for additional this week. The exam is next week. We have just finished the core ideas in context. My teacher gave us some questions based on the article, I will share them with you. These are just for Additional Biology (B4 Homeostasis) and Additional Chemistry (C4 or C5 Chlorine and Bromine). I have some questions for the Additional Physics section of the article, these were from a different teacher and are just based around the topics. My teacher will provide more questions for physics based on the article on Monday. 

I will provide answers later on, once they have been checked by the teacher, i'm pretty sure they're right though.

B4- Homestasis.

Look at page 3 with the signs and symptoms. These questions are based on the symptoms. 

1) Name the process that is causing the lips, ears, fingers and toes to appear pale?

2) Why do they appear less pale?

3) What is the purpose of shivering?

4) In this situation, why are walking and using your hands often difficult?

5) Name the 4 effectors that will be working in all 4 cases? 

Now look at the advice to reduce the risk section of the article. These questions are based on this part. 

1) What is the purpose of eating plenty of carbohydrates and fats? 

2) Why should you drink plenty of water? 

3) As a hypothermic persons core temperature ruses what will happen to their symptoms? (use the ideas of effectors, receptors and negative feedback)

4) Why are the head and neck so important to cover up? (Use vasoconstriction in your answer

Look at page 2 of the article. These questions are based on paragraphs 1 and 2 of the article. 

1) What is hypothermia?

2) What is the core…






You're welcome! I have to cram a lot of information in for the last term, we haven't contributed almost ANY learning into C5, C6, P5 and P6. We haven't learnt hardly anything from it. He only gave us our additional science booklet on Friday after our Core ideas in context. We haven't learnt to much about the national grid. I have to revise like crazy, so I'm just working through questions. Glad it can help and I will upload the physics section soon! If you need any help with these questions I will help you and also tell you some answers if you wish! 


Pooja Patel

hi, do you have the answers for this?


Thanks Jamie that would be sooo... much help if you could give me the physics questions,

and if you could possibly give me the answers to all of the questions you have posted i would be really grateful.

You have been so much help to me. Thankyou


Lovely questions, thank you. I've already found loads of others to complete so I'll probably do these Tuesday night at this rate. 

Answers would be great - especially to the Chemistry & Physics sections.

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