Adaptations and Evolution

Species are always constantly fighting for survival, this is called the fight for the survival of the fittest. Whether it is for food or habitat. The species which surive will be the best adapted for that environment. An adaptation is simply how an organsim can change to suit the environment in which it lives.

Darwin conducted the theory of natural selection: the process in which animals are put to a test which tests them on how well they are adapted to live in a particular environment. The organism which is the best adapted will survive and go on to evolve into another species. His views were very much frowned upon in the day as they went against the roman chatholic church which believe that God created the world and everything in it. 

The evidence for evolution comes from fossils, which are anything that has been pererved for millions of years in the eaarth. However, there is gaps in this evidence as very little fossils were persereved and so…


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