Action of enzymes.


Enzymes are biologgical catalysts.

1. They catalyse metabolic reactions in your body E.G. Digestion and Respiration. Even your phenotype (Physical appearance) is due to enzymes that catalyse the reactions that cause growthand development. 

2. Enzymes are proteins.

3. Enzymes have an active site, which ha a specific shape. This is the part that the substrate molecules (The substance that the enzyme interacts with) bind to.

4. For the enzyme to work, the substrate has to fit into the active site, its shape has to be complementary. If the substrate doesn't match the active site then the reaction won't be catalysed. Thiis means that enzymes work with few substrates, usually only one!

Enzymes reduce activation energy.

In a chemical reaction, a certain amount of energy is needed before the reaction will start, activation enery, and is usually provided as heat. Enzymes reduce activation energy, often making reactions happen at a much lower temperature, this…


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