Abyssinian Crisis 1935

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The Abyssinian Crisis.

Italian ambitions (Background Knowledge);

The Italian leader Mussolini wanted to build an empire in Africa. It already possessed Somali-land and Libya. Abyssinia was an independent country in Africa and Mussolini wanted it. 

So when 30 Italian soldiers were killed in a border clash in December 1934 in Abyssinia, Mussolini had the excuse to invade. 


During 1935 Mussolini started to prepare his troops. Britain and France tried to avoid him because he could be a possible ally of Hitler, and they didn't want to upset or cause any trouble with him.  

In April 1935, France Britain and Italy made an agreement; STRESA FRONT. They all agreed to stand united against Germany. Mussolini now thought that his new friends would turn a blind eye to what he was planning to do in return for his friendship.

While Britain and France continued to talk to Mussolini and encourage him not to go about with the invasion, a ballot was held by the league of nations. It showed that most British people wanted to use military power to stop Mussolini invading Abyssinia. In September, British foreign minister; Samuel Hoare made a speech to the Assembly of the league calling for resistance to Italian aggression. 

However all that was in vain. In October 1935, Italian forces invaded Abyssinia. 

Reactions (Haile Selassie);

Haile Selassi, the Abyssinian emperor, appealed to the league for help. The league had to do something. So…


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