Abyssinian Crisis

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  • Abyssinian Crisis 1935 - 1936
    • Italy defeated by Abyssinia 1896 - Muss wanted revenge for humiliation
    • Muss seen Japan get away with Manchurian Crisis
    • Muss dreamed of making Italy a great empire again
    • Oct 1935 Muss sent troops with heavy artillery and tanks to invade
    • 1935 Stresa Pact - BR, FR, IT stand united against GER
    • Abyssinian leader appealed to LoN for help
    • L imposed economic sanctions
      • Each week decision was delayed allowed Muss to build up his stockpile of raw materials
      • Delayed banning oil exports in case USA didnt support
      • Banned loans to IT - imports exports of rubber, tin and metals
    • Br and Fr didnt close Suez Canal to Italian ships - supplies got through despite sanctions
    • May 1936 Italy had conquered all of Abyssinia
    • League ineffective
      • It confidence rose - made pacts with Hitler
      • It attacked Albania 1938 and Pact of Steel 1939 with Hitler


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