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3.4.9 Polymers


Addition polymers

·         Involves 1 functional group

·         Alkenes can produce addition polymers in addition polymerisation  (i.e. the polymer is the only product)

·         The monomer is the alkene with the C=C

·         In the poly(alkene) the repeating unit is essentially the alkene with a C-C bond instead and also trailing bonds on either side of the C

·         -(-repeating unit-)-n àpolymer


Condensation polymers

·         This is when water condensates out when the polymer is produced

·         Involves 2 different functional groups


·         Linkage: ester link –COO-

·         Involves  dicarboxylic acids (e.g. butane-1, 4-dioc acid) and diols (e.g. ethane-1, 2-diol)

o   i.e. in a dicarboxylic acid there are 2 –COOH groups

o   in a diol there are 2 –OH groups

o   water is produced when these 2 functional groups join to form an ester link –COO

·         There is still a –OH and –COOH group exposed, which can rest further, so you can get a polymer forming with many –COO links

·         So, the C=O is shown as a…


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