(Streetcar/Malfi) Women

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  • Women
    • Malfi
      • Men
        • 'cover her face...mine eyes dazzle'
        • 'I have this night digged up a mandrake'
          • Suggests Duchess' sexual behaviour is poisonous (however, it is Ferdinand who goes mad)
      • Status
        • 'diamonds are of most value, they say, that have passed through most jeweller's hands'
          • 'Jeweller's hands' suggests she is moulded by the expectations of society OR her virtue is improved with sexual experience
            • 'I winked and chose a husband'
              • Excess sexuality: 'Hysteria' is derived from the Latin word 'Hyster' meaning 'womb'
                • Widows believed to be dangerous and sexual predators
              • Highborn 'Renaissance marriages' were practical matters and used for alliances
          • Defined by materialism and wealth. (Webster fails to give her a name - a prize to be won)
          • Antonio playfully asserts that his ‘rule is only in the night’ when she is not royalty
        • 'All the diamonds were changed to pearls'
          • The Bible states that Adam & Eve wept a lake of pearls after being cast out of paradise
            • Duchess' status was a mask against life's harsh realities (only thing that protected her and she cast it aside)
          • Elizabeth I was often painted wearing pearls to present her as a 'virgin queen'
            • Leggatt: 'variety and vitality of her nature as a whole.'
              • However, still a well sought after jewel. Duchess retains her authority
                • 'I am Duchess of Malfi still.'
          • Can be a colourless or precious stone
    • Streetcar
      • Sexuality
        • 'I think I will bathe...my nerves are in knots'
          • Symbolism of 'knot' represents promises & vows, such as Blanche's marriage
            • Widows believed to be dangerous and sexual predators
          • Alliteration creates a nervous/ jittery effect
            • Galloway: Blanche's 'confidence in her own feminine attraction was shaken by the knowledge of her husband's sexuality'
          • 'knots' also represent dilemmas, suggesting Blanche is a problem
        • 'having them coloured lights going!'
          • Colloquialism suggests Stanley is part of a recessive society
          • Men were not held to the same sexual expectations as women in the 1940's
            • Effectively, Williams/ Blanche blame the men for her destruction
          • Sexual Euphemism
            • New Orleans was seen as a 'melting pot' of culture
          • 'raw colours of childhood's spectrum'
            • 'Raw' creates a passionate effect due to the bloody imagery
            • Childlike reference suggests the world is a playground for men
              • Women are collateral damage
      • Secondary Citizens
        • 'The colour of butterfly wings...shimmer and glow - put a - paper lantern over the light'
          • Softer colours suggest women are of secondary class
            • Women were forsaken the freedom in industry after the men returned post-WW2
          • Dashes create a sense of hesitancy, mimicing the fragile beat of butterfly wings
          • Eastern influence represents her need to present an exotic, desirable appearance
          • Insubstantial effect suggests suggest women should be seen and not heard
          • 'primary colours'
            • William's explores the 'destructive power of society on the sensitive non-conformist individual'


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