5 Best Bikini Styles for Every Body Type


It’s common knowledge that certain bikini styles fit and flatter some figures better than others. Even with that knowledge, finding a well-fitting bikini that complements your body type, shape, and size is still far from easy.

There are countless bikini styles on the market, and determining which ones actually flatter your body can be overwhelming and discouraging. If you’re in the market for new two-piece swimwear, use this article to guide you toward the best bikini styles for your body type.

1. Classic Bikini for Hourglass Figures

Classic bikinis effortlessly fit and flatter hourglass figures. A basic bra style top and mid-rise bottoms will accentuate both the curvy and slender parts of your figure.

If you want to get more creative than a simple classic bikini, try a bandeau or halter-style string bikini top and high waisted bottoms. These bikini styles are also among the most flattering for women with defined hourglass figures. 

2. Bustier Bikini for Full Busts

If you have a large bust, it can be very difficult to find a bikini that adequately supports your breasts. This challenge can get very frustrating when swimwear season arrives.

Bustier bikini styles are usually your best bet for comfortable, well-fitting and flattering bikini tops for larger breasts. Support


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