2.4.2 Factors Affecting Membrane Permeability



  • more heat means more kinetic energy, so molecules move faster.
  • making the substrate molecules more likely to collide with the enzyme's active site.
  • the energy of these collisions also increases which means they are more likely to result in a reaction.
  • the rate continues gto reach up until the optimum temperature- where the rate of the enzyme controlled reaction is at its fastest.
  • if the temperature gets too high the molecules vibrate more and this vibration can break bonds that hold the enzyme in its shape. 
  • the active site changes shape and the enzyme and substrate no longer fit together. and its denatured.

The temperature Coefficient (Q10):

  • shows how much the rate of reaction changes when the temperature is raised by 10^C.
  • Q10= R2( rate at higher temp) / R1 (rate


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