11.1 Structure of Skeletal Muscle


Muscle fibre cells are joined together in order to gain strength. They all share muscle sarcoplasm which is made up of mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, cytoplasm and nuclei.

Microscopic structure

There are two main proteins involved in myofibrils:

Myosin: These are thick, rod shaped proteins with protruding bulbous heads.

Actin: Two thin strands wrapped round each other.

The myofibril seems *****ed as it two types of bands. The A band is the darker ***** where the actin and myosin overlap, and the I band is where they don't overlap.

Marking the end of the sarcomere is the Z line, and between the two darker *****s there is an H zone.

Types of muscle Fibre

Slow twitch: Muscle fibre that need aerobic respiration to prevent the build…


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