Yr 8 RS key words

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A (often old) story with universal truths, often passed on through generations.

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Universal truth

Messages behind the story, a timeless lesson relevant to all people of all times.

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The first book in the Bible+Jewish Torah. Tells of the creation and early history of Jewish people.

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The belief that the universe was deliberately made by a higher being to a set plan. Which leads to the idea of a creator; most often God.

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Fairness and equality. No discrimination and fair treatment of the legal system.

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Unfairness and inequality. When the legal system is discriminatory and unfair.

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Seperation of different genders or races, e.g. in US busses, schools and shops were segregated: black and white.

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Parable of Sheep and Goats

A meaningful story- parable, of Jesus' that tells Christians their responsibilities to help others, e.g. feed the hungry, visit the ill and imprisoned.

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A jouney of special religious significance. Some are compulsory- like Hajj, others voluntary.

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Someone taking part in a pilgrimage. In Islam, a pilgrim that completes the Hajj is known as a Haji.

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The state of ritual cleanliness required throughout the Hajj. Pilgrims must wash and wear simple white garments.

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Means 'The Enlightened One' The title was given to Siddharta Gautama after his enlightenment.

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The experience of seeing the world clearly and truthfully. Buddha became enlightened and realised the cure and cause of suffering.

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Eightfold Path

The 8 steps Buddha taught would lead to Nirvana. Includes right mindfullness and right livelihood.

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Release from the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The aim of the Eightfold path.

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Asking for something through prayer

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Asking for something for others through prayer.

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Thanking God for things.

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Worshipping God and telling Him how great you think He is.

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Showing that you are smaller than God.

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Telling God what you've done and asking for forgiveness.

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