Animal farm & To Kill a mockingbird contexts

Contexts for Animal Farm.= & To kill a mockingbird

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Animal Farm

Animal Farm Contexts.

  • Napoleon and Snowball = Stalin & Trotsky
  • Trotsky was popular, famous for passionate speeches
  • 1924 Stalin made an alliance against Trotsky
  • Trotsky expelled from Russia in 1936
  • Trotsky fled to Mexico, assassinated 1940.
  • Trotsky became a common enemy
  • If people mentioned trotsky's name they were seen as a traitor.
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To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird contexts.

  • Book is set in 1930s. Was written in 1960's
  • Scottsbro case = what Tom Robinsons case based on.
  • The Great Depression
  • KKK worked as a gang= the lynch mob before trial
  • Black people blamed for the depression= maycombs view
  • The cunninghams have nothing because of the depression
  • Unequal rights for women, feminists seen as unnatural = maycomb women.
  • Black people couldnt marry white people= dolphus raymond.

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