Wilhelm II's Weltpolitik

Wilhelm II's foreign policy called Weltpolitik who became Kaiser in 1888.


Kaiser Wilhelm II's Weltpolitik

  • Wilhelm II becomes Kaiser in 1888.
  • Weltpolitik is the term to describe Wilhelm II's foreign policy.
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New Nation: Germany

  • Strongest industrial country in Europe.
  • Most powerful army in the World.
  • No empire so the Germans felt they were undervalued by the world.
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Aim of Weltpolitik

  • to win Germany the respect it needed from the world.
  • wanted Germany to have ' a place in the sun '.
  • an aggressive policy
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Kaiser Wilhelm II's ambition

  • Kaiser wants Germany to be a huge trading nation - needs an African Empire.
  • Wants Germany to become an imperial power - needs a navy as big as Britain's.
  • This alarms the British.
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Fears of Wilhelm II's policy

  • fears many European nations especially the Triple Entente.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II gives a speech to the Daily Telegraph.
  • "as mad as March hares" - a quote by Wilhelm II when talking about the British.
  • British fears intensifies.
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