The growth of democracy in Germany.



Reign- 1888-1918

Character- Known as an unstable and undpredicatable man who was born with a physical disability, which was seen as a sign of weakenss in a prince. He was not an effective politican or military commander.

Policies- Wilhelm was not interested in the complex, domestic issues that Bismarck had focused on. The Kaiser was obsessed with Germany's international status and was determined to build first a huge navy, then an empire.

Legacy- Kaiser Wilhelm turned Germany into one of the military superpowers of the world by 1914. However, he also led Germany into the disastrous First World War and was forced to abdicate the throne in 1918. He died in 1941 whilst still in exile in the Netherlands.

-Germany unifies in 1871.

-Kaiser Wilhelm II takes over in 1890 wants Germany to have its ‘place in the sun’. Empire to compete


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