Why do peope continue to live in areas of volcanic and earthquake activity?

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Economic Reasons for living in areas of volcanic a

1) Fertile volcanic soils- the lower slopes of Mount Mayon, Philippines, are covered with rice field, coconut plantations, tomatoes+ other vegetables. Mayon's eruption in 1993 killed 75 people- all tomato farmers in the Bonga Valley (one of the areas declared off-limits by the government). Today- 20000 locals live+ farm within Mayon's Permanent Danger Zone.

2) Minerals in volcanic rocks- e.g. tin, silver, gold, copper, diamonds, etc. The money made by mining these minerals outweighs the risk of volcanic activity.

3) Geothermal energy- e.g. Iceland. 2008- 28% of electricity generation came from geothermal energy. The energy is so cheap, that in the wintertime, some pavements in Reykjavik are heated.

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Social reasons for living in an areas of volcanic

1) Poor people- LICs; can't afford to move; their livelihood is based on their jobs in the area

2) Family+ friends- don't want to leave them

3) Culture- people living close to Mount Merapi, Indonesia, worship ancient spirits- believe that the spirits watch over the peak+ will warn them of an eruption. Full moon- clims the volcano crater+ throw in rice, jewellery+ live animals to calm the volcano's spirits.

4) Chance- believe that the chance of the volcano erupting is very low- remain dormant for 100s of years-> locals think it's worth a risk.

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Environmental reasons for living in areas of volca

1) Popularity- popular tourist areas, e.g. Mount Etna, Sicily- attracts 1000s of tourists who travel up to the crater by cable cars. A range of tourist facilties gives the local pop many jobs.

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Economic reasons for living in areas of earthquake

1) Tourism- popular tourist areas, e.g. Turkey+ Iceland-> jobs for the locals

2) Mining- consider the risks acceptable, as long as they can make a good living from mining. E.g. landslides, triggered by earthquake tremors, caused loss of lives at mining sites around the world. E.g. 2007- an earthquake measuring 7.7 hit an area of large copper mines in Chile-> killed 2 people+ injured 117

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Social reasons for living in areas of earthquake a

1) Safety- people in MICs feel safe in earthquake zones due to the advances made in earthquake proof buildings. E.g. since 1981- all new buildings in Japan are earthquake proof. Also, disaster plans tell people what to do in an emergency.

2) Low- people believe that the chance of them being affected by an earthquake is very low.

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Environmental Reasons for living in areas of earth

1) Houses- people buy houses in beautiful+ exclusive areas despite potential earthquake risks, e.g. Malibu, California

2) Safety- people feel safer as buildings can now be built to be earthquake proof.

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