Living near natural hazards; earthquakes,volcanoes and tropical storms

These are the reasons why people still live near areas which are prone to earthquakes,volcanoes and tropical storms :)

Reasons why people still live near earthquakes

People continue to live in areas where earthquakes happen

Here are some of the reasons why people don't move away from earthquake prone areas e.g California:

1) don't want to move away from friends and family

2) They're employed in the area. If they move away they would have to find a new job

3) Confident in support of the government after an Earthquake, e.g to help rebuild houses.

4) Some people think that severe earthquakes won't happen again in the area, so it's safe to live there. 

Tropical Storms

( same reasons why people live near earthquakes) They dont want to leave friends, got a job in the area, don't think a tropical storm will happen again.

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Reasons why people still live near volcanoes

There are many economic advantages if you live near a volcano:

1) Soil fertility 

  • The soil around volcanoes is fertile because it's full of minerals from volcanic ash and lava, which makes it good for growing crops, which attracts farmers.

2) Tourism-

  • volcanoes are tourist attractions- loads of tourists visit volcanoes so lots of people living near the volcano work in the tourist industry

3) Geothermal energy

  • Volcanoes are a source of geothermal energy, which is used to generate electricity. so people live around volcanoes to work at power stations, e.g over 26% of Iceland's electrical energy is generated from geothermal sources. 
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