Why did Louis XIV not manage to convert the Jansenists/Huguenots?

A potential question could be on the idea of why Louis XIV did not manage to convert the Jansenists/Huguenots. Here are some ideas for it. It's rather simple.


Why did Louis XIV not manage to convert the Jansen

There are a few factors for this:

  • It was a matter of doctrine
    • Louis needed the support of the Pope to declaire the Jansenists heretics and the two opportunities were at the beginning and end of his rule.
    • Louis had been at odds with Pope Innocent XI, which eventually led to the 9 yrs war, and so he got no support from him on the matter
  • They were fellow Catholics and if he persecuted fellow Catholics, this would put him at odds with the majority of the population
  • They were very influencial- people listened to them preach but also read their books
  • They had powerful protectors
  • They were part of every aspect of Louis' reign- they were in the army, in parlement, and many had powerful families
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Why did Louis XIV not manage to convert the Huguen

There are a few reasons why:

  • Long term factors such as:
    • difficult to establish how many there were in Fr. as communication was bad- not enough intendants- overworked
    • Caisse de Conversions was widely unpopular amongst Catholics- links to idea of people siad had converted, but didn't so they got money
    • No matter what L. did, the firmest believers would convert- had tried to persuade/ bribe/ threaten- linked to unpopular use of dragonnate
  • Short term factors include:
    • Preoccupied with foreign affairs- lacked resources to pursue their conversion
    • lack of support from ministers (Colbert) who saw their economic potential & skill value
    • L. was happy with slow progression of convesion & it wasn't until in his later life that he wanted immidiate action, on influence of Maintenon
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