Why Mid Terms are Important

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Can determine power dynamic in parties

Mid terms can alter the way parties lead i.e. the direction they take. Elected "radicals" can change the way the party acts such as the TEA Party movement in 2010 and this can increase the unlikelihood of bipartisanship. For example, the TEA Party Movement against the Democrats and were strongly against working with them,

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Sets up issues for the next election

Mid terms can set up any possible areas that could become a 'hot spot' for debates in the later presidential elections. For example, the factions that form in taking on Obamacare and taking on Clinton on certain areas.

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Changes dynamic between Congress and POTUS

At the start of the Obama's term it established the platform for success, Obama was able to pass huge Bills such as the Stimulus Package, Obamacare, bailing out the Detroit Motor Industry. But in the 2010 mid terms, the Democrats lost the Senate to the GOP so made it extremely difficult and made Congress slow. The President has the opportunity to work with the opposition, which Obama tried, or use the Executive Order.

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