congressional elections

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  • congress - directly elected - hasnt always been the case
  • 17th amendment - 1913 - senate became directly elected (since 1914)
  • before this they were elected by state legislature
  • congressional elections - held every 2 years (when its on the same year as pres it makes it difficult to distinguish voters behaviour)
  • members of HoP serve for 2 years
  • senators serve 6 years - but 1/3 senators are up for re election every 2 years
  • :- in every cycle - 1/3 of the senate and the whole house are up for re-election
  • elections are held on the tuesday after the first monday in November 
  • elections in between pres elections are called the mid terms 


  • at least 25
  • us citizen for at least 7 years 
  • resident of state they represent


  • at least 30 
  • us citizen for at least 9 years
  • resident of the state they represent

Locality rule: many large states have passed a state law requiring reps to be a resident in the congressional district they represent

  • if someone wants to gain a seat in congress they need to secure the nomination of one of the two major parties
  • 3rd party candidates basically never win seats in congress
  • they may have to run in a congressional primary - different from presidential primaries - winner of congressional primary automatically becomes that parties candidate in the general election
  • congressional primaries


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