What is PIES

personal identity,inform,entertain,social interaction

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What is PIES ( Essay Structure )

Personal identity



Social identity

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German vocab card: Healthy Eating

Das finde ich gesund= I think thats healthy

Sich beeilin= To rush

Fleisch= Meat

Nudeln= Pasta

Eier= Eggs

Zunehmen= Put on weight

Ubergewichtig= Overweight

Aktiv= Active

Federball= Badminton

Haferflocken= Porridge

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Key Targets

  • Use a Capital G for God and J for Jesus
  • when you give an opinion give a reason to support the opinion
  • To get 8 marks in a C question, you need to give 4 opinions each with at least 1 reason.
  • In the D question you need to mention religion otherwise you will only get 3/6 marks
  • when you say "some christians believe" you mean "some christian churches teach"
  • Don't generalise
  • RULE: one minute per mark
  • create a balanced arguement, think outside the box
  • define social fact opinions reason and conclusion
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Lord of the flies: Character Analysis- Ralph

About RALPH:

  • He is described as the fair haired boy
  • He is the biggest boy
  • He decides to vote for a chief
  • decides that the conch indicates who speaks
  • hurts Robert in a game of pig hunting
  • Is one of Simon's killers
  • Attacks Jack at Castle rock
  • Doesn't ever really understand what the beast is
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