Analysis of Vultures by Chinua Achebe

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Dejection - Line 2-3 "One despondent/dawn"

Disgust - Line 13-15 "Yesterday they picked/the eyes of a swollen/corpse"

Love - Line 7-8 "Nestled close to his/mate"

Joy - Line 41/42 "Praise bounteous providence if you will"

Despair - Line 47 "Or else despair"

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Vultures: Love for each other - Line 12/13 "Inclined affectionately/to hers"

Detatchment from the corpse - just food - Line 13-15 "Yesterday they picked/the eyes of a swollen/corpse"

Commandant: Detatchment from evilness of Holocaust - Line 32-35 "Fumes of human roast clinging rebelliously to his hairy nostrils"

Love for son - Line 38 "Tender offspring"

Poet: Happiness that evil things can be good - Line 41-45 "Praise bounteous/providence if you will/that grants even an ogre/a tiny glow-worm/tenderness"

Sadness that good things can be evil - Line 48-51 "In the very germ/of that kindred love is/lodged the perpetuity/of evil"

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Amist evil there may be a tiny glimmer of love and goodness, just as something that appears to be good will have some tiny bit of evil

Good and evil go together

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Second half = present tense - ongoing


Somewhat deceptive title - the subject of the poem is not the vultures, they are a symbol

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Style & Structure

Free verse

No rhyme scheme

4 sections, but only indents rather than seperate stanzas - flow?

Uses 2nd Person to address the reader

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