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Which word is a term for sunrise that emphasises the idea of things being
wrong or broken, continued in the description of the tree?
dawn (line 3)
sunbreak (line 4)
tiny glowworm (line 42)
2. Which word does not convey tenderness, or provide a contrast with the
images of violence?
nestled (line 7)
affectionately (line 12)
Strange (line 21)
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Which of the following is a metaphor that highlights the smallness of hope in an
evil world?
sunbreak (line 4)
ogre (line 43)
tiny glowworm (line 42)
9. In the poem, love is personified as...
An innocent child
A concentration camp Commandant
A woman with human characterisitics
10. In which line can you find a description of children that implies young
innocence providing a stark contrast to all the violent images?
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