Van izjendoorn and Kroonenburg meta analysis

the van izjendoorn and kroonenburg study into cultural variations of attachment types



  • meta analysis- looked at 32 sets of results from other studies and found conclusions from studying 8 different countries
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  • attachment type mostly consistant throughout all 8 countries, all have most type B and least type C
  • Germany- more type A due to parents ignoring their children and withdrawing love and attention
  • Israel- more type C- children live on a communal farm brought up in large groups by watchwomen
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  • different attachment types based on how children are brought up
  • Type B is genetic- most common whatever the culture
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  • children brought up in different ways in different cultures leading to different attachment types
  • strange situation not sutiable for studying attachment as a different study may result in different attachment types in different countries
  • study assumes a different country is the same as a different culture
  • meta analysis can show unusual trends
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