Urban development

urban areas develop socially,economically and environmentally. These set of nots show how it can meet those needs.

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the socail needs of urban development

social needs

1) better transport systems-more roads could be built on the rural-urban fringe to cope with the increase traffic. more and more better public transport systems need to be planned

2) more housing- this can be built on brown field sites which are near the city centre,or on the rural urban fringe for the commuters.

3) social activities- parks (greenfield) replace brownfield sites in cities and places for activities are set up in the rural-urban fringe.



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economic needs of urban development

1)more jobs-business parks and out of town shopping centres can be built on

 undeveloped land (greenfield sites) in the rural-urban fringe land is cheaper

and easily accessible

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environmental needs

1) more waste disposal systems-landfill sites can be built on the rural-urban fringe

 to cope with the increase in waste.

green spaces can be turned back into open spaces.

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