Unlawful Act Manslaughter (UAM)


Unlawful Act Manslaughter (UAM)

Four elements: Unlawful Act, Dangerous Act, Cause the death, MR for the Unlawful Act

Unlawful Act: must be an unlawful act (cannot be a joke), must be criminal wrong and not a civil wrong and it must be unlawful, positive and intentional act not an omission

Dangerous Act: assessed objectively 'unlawful act must be such that all sober and reaosnbale people qould recognise at least some harm or be it not serious harm

The dangerous act doesnt have to be aimed at a person and does not have to be aimed at the victim

Causing the death: it is  crime to 'administer a noxious substance'

Mens Rea: the D has to have the MR for the unlawful act not the consequence of the unlawful act

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