Unit 2 Climate and Change

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How might the UK be afflicted by global warming? 1

1. Likley to get WARMER: 


  • Summer drought and water shortages, especially in the south 
  • More illnesses e.g sunstroke, skin cancer
  • Roads melt, railway lines buckle 
  • Farmers change crops to those that need less water and more sun 
  • Extinctions of some plants and animals as it gets too hot 


  • Winter heating costs and the costs of gritting teh roads fall 
  • Tourism increases - good for the economy 
  • Fewer deaths in winter especially the elderly from the cold 
  • More land can be farmed at higher altitudes 

2. SEA LEVELS RISE: Low lying coasts could flood, Greater erosion, e.g Holderness, Sea defences and flood barriers could cost millions 

3. More EXTREME WEATHER: Heatwaves, Floods, Storms 

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How might the UK be afflicted by global warming? 2

The Stern Review 2005 

  • We spend 2% our GDP now 
  • reducing pollution OR teh effects of global warming could decrease our GDP by 20% 
  • Spend now or pay later 

What can we do? 

  • Decrease fossil feul use 
  • Switch to 'green energy' - wind, solar, tidal 
  • Recycle more
  • Use cars less and public transport more 

1997 KYOTO PROTOCOL = international agreement to cut CO2 emissions. Some countries e.g UK have cut emissions, others e.g China havn't. 

We need ALL countries to sign up. 

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