Unbalanced Carbon Cycle

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Impact of Climate Change on Coral Reefs and associ


  • Coral reef structures buffer shorelines against waves, storms, floods - helps to prevent damage to housing and erosion
  • Provide tourism opportunities - e.g. snorkelling
  • Destruction of them would affect LICs and NICs - e.g. millions of people live in US coastal areas

Tourism and climate change:

  • Sea level rise will affect coastal tourism infrastructure
  • Climate change will lead to changes in biodiversity (migration of species away, coral bleaching) - will affect eco-tourism
  • Increased stormy weather will discourage people from going on holiday
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Deforestation in Madagascar

  • 1950 - 11.6 million hectares of rainforest
  • 1985 - 3.8 million hectares of rainforest

Deforestation has a major impact on terrestrial carbon stores

- The rivers Sofia and Betsiboka have turned red due to soil erosion. More than 400 tonnes per hectare per year of loose soil are being washed into these rivers

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Conversion of grasslands to farmland in the USA

- The grassland being converted to meet US Environmental Protection Agency's renewable fuel standard policy

  • Increasing use of ethanol in petrol
  • Boosting the economies of rural US states
  • Reducing international dependence
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

- Over 5.5 million hectares have disappeared, impacting on the wildlife

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