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Discuss the development issue: `Economic sustainability versus environmental
sustainability'. (10 marks)

The world strives for a continuation of this economic growth as this factor is generally linked to
social development on surface level ­ as the economy grows, as does the standard of living.
However, in the face of a…

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genetic disease and collapse. We need these species, as they may prove useful in medicine,
agriculture or industry and we need these systems as they provide us with valuable services,
such as nutrient cycling, waste management, water supply and atmosphere regulation.
Additionally, human processes have led to the conversion of…

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when China's second largest fresh water lake experienced a massive algae bloom, which ruined
a popular tourist destination and resulted in a water shortage for three million people for nearly
two weeks it was one of the first tipping points where China's planners began connecting the
dots between economy and…

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competitive advantages. Water scarcity and pollution will increase pressure to improve
wastewater treatment. Currently, large amounts of industrial contaminants are being put into
China's water supply. Water scarcity and the emerging policy response to it will increase the
cost of doing business in China. Smart companies will move fast to…

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but also to pay off debts which they owe to MEDCs (the countries which argue that more needs
to be done for the environment) in the first place. To illustrate this, 20% of Honduras' export
earnings are spent on debt repayment every year. Over 30% of Honduras' rainforest has been…

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Even if we were to attempt to ensure that developing countries do not follow the same `carbon
lockin' path by establishing infrastructures based on renewable resource we would experience
considerable resistance. Renewable energy technologies have not experienced largescale
commercialization and are not mature commodity products. The strategy of adopting such…

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festering pollution crisis, a source of increasing public fury. Streetlevel anger over the air
pollution that blanketed many northern cities this winter has spilled over into online appeals for
Beijing to clean water supplies as well, especially after the rotting corpses of more than 12,000
pigs found this month in…




While it is a really good resource, it's only 10 marks. No matter how much you write, you can only get a maximum of 10. There is no way you would write all this in the time allowed and do well on the other parts, so good for background but in an actual exam situation, this isn't going to happen.



At a2 this is a 40mark essay i dont know what your on about amber 



She did write (10 marks) to be fair :)



Even if its a 40 mark essay, you would never write 7 pages in an hour... 

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