Tudor dynasty


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Tudor dynasty timeline

1485 Henry VII became King after defeating Richard III at battle of bosworth.

1491 Henry VIII born at Greenwich palace

1501 Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon married

1502  Arthur died

1503 Julius II grants dispensation for Henry and Catherine's betrothal

1509 21 April, Henry VII died , 11 June Henry VII marries Catherine of Aragon

1510 March,truce with France renewed, August, Empson and Dudley executed

1512 February,war with France and scotland, Wolsey comes to prominence

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Break with Rome and the Royal supremacy

1509 Henry VIII becomes a king

1515 Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York, is made Lord Chancellor of England and Cardinal

1517 Protestant reformation begins, Martin Luther nails his '95 Theses' against the Catholic practice of selling indulgences on the church door ar Wittenberg

1521 Henry VIII recieves the title 'Defender of the Faith' from Pope Leo x for his opposition to Luther

1529 Henry VIII dismisses Lord Chancellor Thomas Wolsey for failing to obtain the Pope's consent to his divorce from Catherine of Aragon; Sir Thomas More appointed  Lord Chancellor; Henry VIII summons the 'Reformation Parliament' and begins to cut the ties with the Roman Catholic Church.

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Useful, but only spans a very short period of time - if it was longer or if there were more it would be way more useful.

Thanks :)

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