True family of Jesus

True family of Jesus

Describe the story :-

The story describes the arrival of Jesus’ mother and brothers. They waited for him outside his house and sent in a message, that they were waiting for him. In reply to this message, Jesus says “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?”…”Look! Here are my mother and brothers! Whoever does what God wants is my brother, my sister, my mother.”


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True family of Jesus

Explain how the costs of discipleship are shown in the true family of Jesus.

  • A disregard for your own family. Jesus shows that you biological family should not interfere with preaching the good news. Jesus continues to teach, rather than go and see what his family want. So his disciples will be expected to put the needs of fellow disciples before those of their own family.
  • Expansion of the family. A Christian becomes a part of a much larger family, and this means that they will have show the love and care that they have for their own family, to all Christians. This could prove difficult as there will be many people who would find loving everyone very hard. A cost of discipleship is that they are expected to put others before themselves, works of mercy: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned.
  • God’s will. “does what God wants” A cost of discipleship is complete obedience to God’s will and Jesus’ teachings. Personal wishes and plans need to be subject to Gods plans.

Jesus is constantly followed by a crowd, a disciple must continue the work of Jesus, so they must teach. This could prove demanding for individuals

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True family of Jesus

Explain how this teaching might cause problems for some Christians today.

  • It will be difficult for Christians to accept that everyone who is a disciple of Jesus should be treated like a member of their family.
  • Even the commandments suggest that family members are more important than strangers, how can Jesus expect people to love strangers? (trust)
  •  Mary was thought to be a virgin but here it says ‘Jesus’ mother and brothers…’ this goes against the teaching of the virgin Mary, and Christians may get confused or may start to doubt as they are being told different things.
  • It is hard for Christians to do God’s Will. What exactly is it?
  • It seems as though Jesus expects everyone to give up their goals and expectations of life.
  • There is a problem with blind obedience-interpreting what Jesus means by the saying.
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