marks gospel key terms- discipleship

key terms from marks gospel -GCSE AQA full marks

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followers of jesus 

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a tax colllector who was called to be a disciple

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sons of zebedee

the brothers james and john whom jesus called to follow him 

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an act of help or assistence 

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the twelve

the twelve selected by the discples to be jesus' closest disciples  

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true family

those who follow the teachings of god

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self sacrifice

putting others needs before your own 

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true greatness

the teaching of jesus that service of others is true greatness

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the commandments

the colllection of 10 laws given by god

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the eye of a needle

a metaphor used by jesus to show that wealth makes it difficult to enter the kingdom of god

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the kingdom

the rule of god in peoples lives 

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peters denial

the way peter said he was not a follower of jesus after the arrest of jesus 

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