Treaty of Versailles: The Big Three

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Georges Clemencaeu's point of view

  • He has seen Gernmany invade France twice
  • He was put under the pressure of the public to give a very harsh punishment to Germany
  • He saw that the whole of North-France was ruined
  • His main aims was to gain security by oreventing any attacks on its frontiers
  • Wanted to make Germany weak
  • Wanted Alsace and Lorraine back
  • Wanted Germany to pay for the damages they made
  • Wanted the Germans to be disarmed
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David Lloyd George's point of view

  • He wanted to preserve the supremacy of the British Navy
  • He wanted to prevent a settlement that was too harsh because Germany would never agree.
  • He was afraid that if the Germans thought that they were being too harsh, they might turn to communism
  • The recovery of Germany was important to Britain because Britain depended on the trade for its wealth
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Woodrow Wilson's point of view

  • He was an idealist
  • He believed that lasting peace was not possible without the introduction of new stantards into public life
  • He believed that countries should be open and truthful with each other
  • He did not have strong feelings against Germnay as America had only been in the war for a year
  • He began to give into the views of Clemenceau and Lloyd George.
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