Treaty of Versailles

Punishing Germany!

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How had France suffered?

An area larger than Wales was totally ruined.

750,000 homes and 23,000 factories were destroyed.

Almost 1 and a half million French soldiers were killed.

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Clemenceau (France)

Clemenceau had to think about the people of France. He led the country to victory:

1. revenge

2. Compensation (in the form of reparations)

3. ensure future French security (therefore wanted the Rhineland to become an independent country, at the very least a demilitarised zone.)

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Lloyd George (Britain)

Lloyd George had just been elected, and 1 of who's main slogan was, 'Make the Hun Pay'

1. Revenge, (Personally wanted a fair treaty, but the people wanted revenge)

2. Fair Reparations, (He knew Germany should pay some compensation to France, but wanted Germany to recover economically)

3. Disarmament, (Germany had threatened the British naval fleet, therefore wanted the German fleet sunk.)

4. Loss of colonies, (He wanted the British Empire stronger.)

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How had Britain suffered?

There had been no fighting on British soil, so Britain had not faced the physical devastation of France. However, Britain was Bankrupt at the end of the war as it had spent £9 billion and still owed America £1 billion. Furthermore, 750,000 soldiers had lost their lives and 1.5 million had been wounded.

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How had America suffered?

USA had suffered the least of all the countries involved in the war, as they did not start fighting until late 1917, and there loss was only 116,000.

During the war they had sold arms to the allies during the war and made a huge profit.

Americans were keen to stay out of Europe's troubles in future and wanted to follow a policy of isolationism.

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Wilson (USA)

14 Points:

  • No secret treaties.
  • Disarmament of ALL countries.
  • Germans to leave Russia.
  • Alsace-Lorraine returned to France.
  • Self determination for the people of Austria-Hungary-this means people get to vote to decide who rules them.
  • Independent Poland.
  • League of Nations to be formed.
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The Big 3's different attitudes!

Different experiences of war,
USA: suffered the least. Didn't start fighting until late 1917. Their loss was only 116,000. They had sold arms to the allies during the war and made a huge profit. Britain: No fighting on British soil, so no damage done.Britain was bankrupt, spent £9 billion. 750,000 soldiers died. France: Suffered the most. Area bigger than Wales destroyed. 750,000 homes, 23,000 factories destroyed. 1 and a half million soldiers killed. Public Opinion, Clemenceau: encouraged to cripple Germany. Lloyd George: forced a harsher one than he wanted(he recently won an election; 'Hang the Kaiser') Wilson: many Americans were of German origin. Self-interest, Britain: Imperial power; strong Navy;German Navy sunk. France: wanted dominance;independent Rhineland. (Germany's colonies)

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