Why were protesters treated so harshly 1300-1750?

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  • Reasons for Punishments for Protestors
    • The King
      • To keep the kingdom in peace
      • Going against laws made
      • Enemies because he was prodestant
      • Treason commited against King's will
      • Had the authority due to his divine right and protest was therefore treason.
    • Other words for protesters
      • Law breakers
      • Rebells
      • Revolts
      • Traitors
    • Power
      • Less powerful as people are going against King
      • Punishments to prove King had power
      • Hierarchy - to secure his power
      • Hanged, drawn & quatered
    • Religion
      • Prodestant & Catholic
      • Everyone was religious
      • One religion against another
      • Heretics were dealt with severely as King was head of religion


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