Topic 2 Part 2

Music and Sound

Downloads are where you transfer files from a website and then store them on your computer and portable music player. 


  • The ease with which they can be obtained
  • The ability to just download the tracks you want
  • You can still burn the tracks to a CD 
  • The ease with which they can be loaded onto portable players


  • Viruses could be introduced
  • Many people use file sharing sites to avoid having to pay for the download
  • People who download files illegally could be cut off from the internet by their internet service providers
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Online Radio

Many people like to listen to the radio whilst working on their computer. You can listen to the radio online using the internet and there is a huge choice of stations. 


  • The quality of the sound is good and there is no aerial to adjust
  • You can listen to radio stations from around the world
  • You can listen to programs you missed


  • You need a broadband connection
  • The service is not completely reliable
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Mobile Phones

More uses are being found for mobile phones all the time.

Services available through mobile phones:

  • Send and recieve text messages and emails and make phone calls
  • Take digital photographs or take short video clips
  • Surf the internet
  • Watch live TV
  • Download and listen to music, download and play games
  • Send picture messages
  • Play videos 
  • GPS (use your phone as a satellite navigation system) 
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Mobile Phones cont.


You can be contacted in case of an emergency

Plans can be changed at the last minute

Parents prefer children to have a mobile with them as they feel it is safer

Easier to keep in contact with people and quick


Health issues associated with mobile phones because of the rays (cancer, etc. )

Older people sometimes have difficulties with using the devices

Can cause accidents (driving whilst on the phone) 

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