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Maycomb Society

"Ladies bathed before noon, after their three-o-clocl naps, and by nightfall were like soft teackes with frosting of sweat and sweet talcum."

-Routine conservitives

-traditional gender roles

-appearence atters"teacakes"

-sibilance - soft sounding - gentil and attractive the women

-"sweat" - struggle/effort - hypicritical

-wearnt allowed to speak holding back -trying to break social conventions

-"talcum" not be able to do things - conatations to babies

-patriarchial society

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Boo Radley

"Inside the house loves a malevolent phantom...People said he went out at night when the moon was down and peeped in windowns"

- creature created by children

- not part of the town

-he is arleady dead to the people

- "peeped" wants to become part of the town but cant because he is different

-"people" one community that has one way of thinking. Maycomb - one identity. If the children dont belive then they could be a misfit.

-"window" could dymbolise the barrier between him and maycomb

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Scar quote

"There was a long Jagged scar that ran across his face"

- the jagged scar could represent hw he doesnt fit in society and doesnt follow the stright path of the maycomb society.

- it could show how he has been effected by the prejudice

- scar means he can necer get rid of the predijuice

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Empathy Quote

"you never really understand a perosn untill you consider things from his point of view ... untill you climb into his skin and walk in it"

- "really" you can try but you will never fully understand


- "climb" - effort had to climb to see - stuggle, making it into a game - fun for the children

-"walk" further than just see it have an inlook of thier life and see

-"skin" not shoes importance of race

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Miss Maudie

"she was a widow, a chamelon lady, but after her five-o-clock bath she would appear on her porch and reign over the street in magistrated beauty"

-"chameleon" - atticus' message - able to adapt/blend change her skin, empathise

- contrast to th ladies at the start of the book

- Queen like - mother to Jem and Scout

-In mens overalls -tomboy

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Snowman Quote

"Jem and I had never heard of a ****** snowman"

- snow - pure whte, mud- dirty and impure, bad to be black

- black makes up the community-covered up with white people

- person made up of two colours-race doesnt matter or clear distiction- outside /inside

-white snkow will melt away and black centre will stay strong

-Prejudgist diffrent into the outside fro inside

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"Francis gave me the sensation of settling slowly to the bottom of the ocean. He was the most boring chlild i ever met"

- sea is neverending

-very dull and motionless

-darkness blocking out the speach

-"slowly" giving up - dont stop it

- sibilance sea

-suffocating - talking - maycomb  

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Mad Dog

The dog could represent "insanity" seeping through maycomb, or the prejudice and racism. atticus Eliminates the madness and stands up for what he belives in and shows his courage. It  could forshadow Boo radley coming out of the house and into the society. It teaches the children the value of courage.

it also shows that justice is blind. this is shown when Atticus cant see without his glasses, taking the barrier away that he didnt want his children to see. Becsause of this he cant be subjected to prejudice.

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White Camellia

"Jem opened the box, inside surrounded by wads of damp cotton, was a white, waxy, perfect camellia. It was Snow-on-the Mountain"

- The flowers have grown back - strenght - power through

- jem has grown as a charcter

- "white" symbolises purity - jems innosence

- Mrs Dobose is the rose and the box represents the coffin - metaphor

- Flower regrown strenght - strenght through the trial

- snow is beatiful on top of the struggle

- signifies the essage has been learnt

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