Context for TKAM


About the author:

  • she was born in monroeville
  • to kill a mockingbird makes use of prolepsis (scout links to the author)
  • her father was a lawyer 
  • she was a tomboy and avid reader, just like scout
  • the 'scotsborough trials' - april 1931. nine african american men were falsely accused of ****** two white women. the all-white jury sentenced all of them to death. this trail very closesly links to that of the trail of tom robinson in the novel. 

The economic depression 1933-35:

  • following the Wall Street Crash
  • poverty swept the country
  • president roosevelt made substantial attempts at economic recovery
  • he told the people 'they had nothing to fear but fear itself'. (this is also a line within the novel)
  • took time to


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