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o Equites: Non-senatorial aristocracy of Italy, ran local communities and sat on local councils
(supposedly, grew in power and influence during Claudius' reign)
o Initially, Claudius was very popular with the Equites due to his being an equestrian before he
became emperor and…

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must not cheapen."' - Claudius incorporated the Gallic elites into the senate to help create
stability in the provinces by creating an idea of equality between Rome and the most
unsettled province i.e. Gaul
Rise in power of Equites
Illegal accession/ Coup d'état of Claudius
The imperial power base now…

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Narcissus and Pallas: `But his firmest devotion was reserved for Narcissus, his
secretary, and Pallas, his treasurer, whom he encouraged the senate to honour with large
gifts of money and the insignia of quaestors and praetors as well.'
o From this it is clear to see just how influential Claudius'…

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o Claudius experienced popularity before he was Princeps due to his relation to Germanicus:
SUET. `Claudius often presided as Gaius' substitute at the Games, where the audience
greeted him with: `Long live the Emperor's Uncle!' and `Long live Germanicus' brother!'' &
SUET. `Meanwhile, crowds surrounded the buildings and demanded a…


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